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When Your Mailman Accidentally Takes Your Cookies

When Your Mailman Accidentally Takes Your Cookies

Let's start with a story. 

Just two days ago, I was having a rough day. My kid threw up at someone else's house, I ran out of chocolate in the middle of making a bazillion brownies for tonight's Sugar Box Pop-Up Shop (come if you live in Greensboro!), and I unknowingly put my phone in a cup holder filled with water and all sound stopped working. All before 11am. On a Monday. So it goes. 

On this same day, I got a text from my brand new friend, Anna, to check my mailbox. When I got home from picking up Throwing-Up Boy, I checked said mailbox only to discover, well, mail. Nothing from her unless she's really into postcards for microdermabrasion. I texted back to tell her so, and she quickly returned. Here's what had happened. 

She had left me a little bag of cookies. Praise Him. But apparently, my mail carrier thought the bag of cookies was for him/her from me and took them when he/she delivered my mail. The best part? Anna and I both subscribe to the Cookies Help Us Make Friends belief system, so she cleverly had written on the cookie tag "#friendshipbracelet." So now my mailman thinks I want to be BFFs. Like, for real. What is happening.

The moral of the story? Don't leave things for people in their mailboxes in December because the sweet mail carriers are lonely and want your cookies.

If you're still in need of a little gift for your mail carrier or anyone else, here are a couple of great ideas to share individually or package up together for something extra fun.

The Gift

You can give watercolor gift tags, sugar facial scrub, and/or chocolate peanut butter crunch candy. I like all three together because it's something pretty, something to make you feel pretty, and something that makes you want to die because it's so addictively delicious. You can watch this little video to see them all in action.

Give one thing to one person, or bundle all three as a thoughtful little gift for just about anyone. Instructions for the candy and gift tags are already written for you, but here's a quick recipe for a sugar scrub that will take literally seconds to make.

Sugar Scrub

  • a little glass jar (or several if you're making more than one sugar scrub)
  • 3/8 cup sugar
  • 1/8 cup (two tbsp) coconut oil
  • 4 drops of essential oil (lavender and grapefruit are both great options separately or together)*
  • a piece of tape or little label to make it cute

*Don't have any essential oil? Use a little orange or lemon zest instead. But if you ever buy one essential oil, go with lavender. It works for everything and smells amazing.

The basics? Dump and stir.

  1. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. 
  2. Add the essential oil to the coconut oil.
  3. Combine it with the sugar. (If you're using zest instead of essential oil, rub the zest into the sugar before adding the coconut oil to release all the yumminess.)
  4. Put it in a cute jar.

Package them all in a cute gift bag, and you have an adorable gift that cost less than $5 total but is still personal and fun for the givee. Christmas win.

Thanks for the cookies, Anna. I ate Round Two in under three minutes, so I'm sure my mail lady is enjoying them as she contemplates our newfound friendship. 


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