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When Your Meal Plan Has House Hunters Syndrome

Things that send me into a rage:

  • improper use of a four-way stop
  • sexualized hamburger commercials
  • Hiddleswift
  • House Hunters

Make it all stop.

But for today's purposes, I'll speak to the homebuyers who want a seven bedroom house with an open floor plan for entertaining and a fully functioning water park in the backward for only seven dollars, YOU ARE CRAZY PEOPLE. 

We can't have everything all at once without paying a steep price. We notice it on HGTV, but we miss it in our own kitchens. 

We all want delicious, healthy dinners that we can make in fifteen minutes for mere pennies that our whole family can enjoy. PIPE. DREAM. 

Think about it - what's a meal you've made that checks all the boxes? That's cheap, quick, healthy, family-friendly, and tastes good? 


I've been obsessed with food for 15 years, and the fact that I can't think of more than two barely-there possibilities in the five minutes I just sat in here in silence is saying something. It's just not a thing, y'all. We can't have it all, and the sooner we change our expectations, the sooner we'll be able to open the fridge at 4pm without having a nervous breakdown.

If you find yourself regularly dissatisfied with what ends up on your dinner table, it could be that you have House Hunters syndrome. Don't expect all your boxes to be checked without having a fat wallet or two hours to go along for the ride. 

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