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Which Harry Potter Character Grew Up To Be the Hottest?

Which Harry Potter Character Grew Up To Be the Hottest?

It's a beautiful fall weekend, at least here in North Carolina, so that means two things: it's time to start reading Harry Potter again and it's time to look at beautiful people. Frankly, that last one is true in all seasons, but whatever. So are you game for ogling some fake wizards? Of course you are. 

These are in heavily biased order of hotness coupled with how much I love (or love to hate) the actual character. In other words, this list is zero percent scientific. Carry on!

16. RON WEASLEY | rupert grint

If it wasn't for that horrible long hair in Goblet of Fire, he'd be higher. But that atrocity burned itself into my brain and will not leave. 

15. SEAMUS FINNIGAN | devon murray

I love Seamus because my husband can't understand a word he says, and it's HILARIOUS.

14. CORMAC MCLAGGEN | freddie stroma

Disney Channel executives are smacking themselves for not grabbing this guy as a tween because he's built to innocently flirt with 12 year-old girls and wear beanies.

13. LAVENDER BROWN | jessie cave

She was every middle school girl you couldn't stand but also secretly were. Obsession with boys for days. But the Won-Won nickname was an abomination, and she must lose points for this.

12. PANSY PARKINSON | scarlett byrne

She's taken the Kim Kardashian Internet Contouring Course because those cheekbones are like wow. Also UGH she was the worst, especially in the books. Every time she made fun of Hermione's hair, I wanted to kick her in her imaginary shins.

11. LUNA LOVEGOOD | evanna lynch

So odd and lovely, and her smokey eye game is on point. 

10. CHO CHANG | katie leung

Harry had good taste because this one was a looker. Also kind and athletic and Scottish, so that's a win. Even though she became a little unhinged in the books (disastrous romantic trip to the tea shop, anyone?), I always liked her. 

9. HARRY POTTER | daniel radcliffe

Charming. Jaw. Amen.

8. PADMA PATIL | afshan azad

STOP IT, PADMA. I advocate natural beauty as much as the next person, but makeup is truly an extraordinary thing. Look at those eyes!

7. ROMILDA VANE | anna shaffer

Dewy. Positively radiant. Neutrogena needs to grab this girl stat.

6. BILL & FLEUR WEASLEY | domhnall gleeson & clemence poesy

If I look at either of them too long, I feel like I might die. The hotness is dangerous. 

5. NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM | matthew lewis

Speaking of danger... gracious. That orthodontist did the Lord's work. 

4. DRACO MALFOY | tom felton

Oh, Draco. What am I ever going to do with you... oh, wait STARE AT YOU FOR ALL OF ETERNITY I FORGOT.

3. GINNY WEASLEY | bonnie wright

She absolutely looks like royalty. Someone get her married to Prince Harry yesterday. 

2. DEAN THOMAS | alfred enoch

No words are needed. Just staring. Lots and lots of staring.

1. HERMIONE GRANGER | emma watson

She's flawless. No one can touch her amen.

I feel ready to finish this day, don't you? Smile a little, and remember that it's okay to take your fun seriously.  That's allowed here.

Who's your favorite Harry Potter character?

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