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Wonder Women, Second Half of Round Two

Wonder Women, Second Half of Round Two

We're back to finish up Round Two! Voting for the first half of Round One is closed, but make your votes heard now and come back next week to see all the winners.

Just like last week, we're looking at one particular aspect of these ladies' lives - who they've dated. And, no, it's not because that's the only thing that makes them valuable. Clearly there's way more, but in the interest of saving time research a million ladies and still having interesting tidbits to read as we vote, we're sticking with just relationships this round. 

Have fun choosing your favorites! Don't hurt me when it gets hard!


#1 Reese Witherspoon v. #17 Zoe Saldana

REESE (beat Demi Moore in Round One): Jeremy Sisto (the hot bearded detective on Law and Order that one time), Chris O'Donnell, Jake Gyllenhaal, married to Ryan Philippe for awhile, and currently married to Jim Toth.

ZOE (beat Sarah Michelle Gellar in the closest Round One matchup): soaps actor Keith Britton, Bradley Cooper, and currently married to Marco Perego Saldana.


#8 Amy Adams v. #24 Carey Mulligan

(This one is gonna kill me.)

AMY (beat Rose Byrne in Round One): only one listed - current marriage to Darren Le Gallo.

CAREY (beat Jennifer Lopez in Round One... extremely happy but surprised by the result): Eddie Redmayne, Shia Leboeuf, and currently married to Marcus Mumford of the band Mumford & Sons.


#13 Keri Russell v. #29 Maura Tierney

KERI (beat Kate Hudson in Round One): married to some guy named Shane Deary for eight years, dated Scott Speedman and Joey Lawrence (WHOA!), and is currently with The Americans costar Matthew Rhys.

MAURA (SHOCKINGLY beat Beyonce in Round One): married to actor and writer Billy Morrissette for 13 years and currently single.


#12 Claire Danes v. #28 Tracee Ellis Ross

CLAIRE (beat Vanessa Williams in Round One): dated Billy Crudup for a couple of years and has been married to Evening costar Hugh Dancy since 2009.

TRACEE (manhandled Gwyneth Paltrow in Round One... y'all DO NOT like Goop): currently single but has dated NBA star Chris Webber, actor Henry Simmons, and rapper Nas who is currently dating Nicki Minaj.


#3 Jennifer Aniston v. #14 America Ferrera

JENNIFER (beat Tiffani Amber Thiessen in Round One): has anyone else's dating life been more examined? Gracious. Tate Donovan, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, and currently married to Justin Theroux.

AMERICA (beat Gillian Anderson in Round One): only relationship is to some normal named Ryan Williams, and they've been married since 2011.


#6 Emma Thompson v. #22 Rashida Jones

EMMA (absolutely destroyed Amy Schumer in Round One): possibly the shortest and best dating history ever... Hugh Laurie (awesome), Kenneth Branagh (awesome), and has been with Greg Wise since 1995. Who is Greg Wise, you ask? The guy who played Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility! WHAAAAAT????

RASHIDA (narrowly beat Alexis Bledel in Round One): Jeremy Renner, Tobey Maguire, Seth Meyers, John Krasinski, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, Colin Jost, and is currently dating Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig.

This might be the best pairing in terms of dating history. I mean SERIOUSLY.


#7 Nicole Kidman v. #10 Maggie Smith

NICOLE (beat Lizzy Caplan in Round One): an early relationship with Tom Burlinson aka the hot Australian horseman in The Man From Snowy River, the obvs marriage to Tom Cruise, the weirdest divorce rebound ever in Lenny Kravitz, and currently eleven years into a marriage with Keith Urban.

MAGGIE (beat Ellen Page in Round One): married to a British actor named Robert Stephens in the 60s and 70s and widowed by her second husband, British writer Beverley Cross, in 1998.


#2 Jennifer Lawrence v. #18 Maya Rudolph

JENNIFER (beat Liv Tyler in Round One): seriously dated X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult for four years, rebounded with consciously uncoupled Chris Martin of Coldplay, and is currently dating way-older-than-her director Darren Aronofsky.

MAYA (beat Winona Ryder in Round One): had presumable flings with SNL cast mates Jerry Minor and Chris Kattan and has been married to Oscar-nominated director Paul Thomas Anderson for over 15 years. 



#1 Julia Roberts v. #16 Kristen Bell

JULIA (beat Michelle Pfieffer in Round One): Strap in because this chick is a real-life runaway bride. Dated Billy Idol, Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland, dated Jason Patric, married Lyle Lovett for two years, started dating Ethan Hawke shortly after the divorce, dated Matthew Perry, Daniel Day Lewis (!!!), Benjamin Bratt, and has been married to Danny Moder for 14 years.

KRISTEN (narrowly beat Octavia Spencer in Round One): has dated Matthew Morrison, Kevin Mann, but they don't matter because she's been married to Dax Shepard for three years and we adore them and their refrigerators.

(Keeping it real... I'm secretly hoping for an upset.)


#9 Cate Blanchett v. #25 Helena Bonham Carter

CATE (beat Minnie Driver in Round One): only one known relationship... been married to Australian writer Andrew Upton for 19 years.

HELENA (shockingly beat Renee Zellweger in Round One): Kenneth Branagh for five years, Rufus Sewell (the guy who breaks Kate Winslet's heart in The Holiday), Steve Martin for a year, and Tim Burton for 13. 


#4 Betty White v. #13 Kristen Wiig

BETTY (wiped the floor with Tatiana Maslany in Round One): in relationships with people we don't know named Lane Allen and Phil Cochran and was was married to TV personality Allen Ludden for almost 20 years.

KRISTEN (beat Sandra Oh in Round One): married to Hayes Harsgrove for five years, dated actor Brian Petsos, and Brazilian drummer Fabrizio Moretti. She's currently single or so we've been told.


#5 Ellen Degeneres v. #12 Julianne Moore

ELLEN (beat Emilia Clarke in Round One): dated Anne Heche for three years, then Alexandra Hedison for three years, and has been with Portia de Rossi since 2004 and married since 2008. Side note: Alexandra Hedison is currently married to? Jodie Foster. 

JULIANNE (beat Maggie Gyllenhaal in Round One): was with an obscure American actor named John Gould Rubin for ten years and is currently married to Bart Freundlich, her director on the movie The Myth of Fingerprints in 1996. 


#3 Amy Poehler v. #19 Cobie Smulders

AMY (massively beat Rosamund Pike in Round One): most notably and publicly Will Arnett for 12 years and a recent breakup with comedian and actor Nick Kroll. But fun fact? John Stamos asked her out on a date after her divorce, but she didn't know it was a date. CAN YOU IMAGINE???

COBIE (sadly beat Gina Rodriguez in Round One): the only relationship we know about is with her current husband and Saturday Night Live favorite Taran Killam. Also is there a couple in Hollywood with seemingly simple but intensely complicated names? Is it Colbie? It should be Colbie, right? And I also say Smoulders, like with coals. And TARAN?? KILLAM??? WHAT IS HAPPENING? From now on, they're Colbie Smoulders and Tim Lane. Problem solved.


#6 Drew Barrymore v. #11 Salma Hayek

DREW (beat Kate Beckinsale in Round One): Strap in... Drew is publicly associated with 24 guys. Gracious. The highlights... Christian Bale, Corey Feldman, David Arquette, Edward Norton, Luke Wilson for two years (the longest stint so far), Tom Green, Sam Rockwell, that Brazilian drummer Kristen Wiig (and also Kirsten Dunst) dated, Spike Jonze, Justin Long (three years!), married to writer Will Kopelman for four years, divorced him in 2016, and has been dating the VP of the company that makes her Flower Beauty products, David Hutchinson, since May 2017.

Now rehydrate, use the bathroom, and meet back here in ten minutes. (Good grief, Drew.)

SALMA (beat Elizabeth Moss in Round One): Edward Norton for four years, Josh Lucas for one, and currently married to some dude named Francois Pinault who was with Linda Evangelista before he hooked up with Salma.

Also quick recap on who Edward Norton has dated, all for several years each: Salma Hayek, Drew Barrymore, and Courtney Love. Pretty sure Ed does not have a type.


#7 Mandy Moore v. #10 Julianna Margulies

MANDY (beat Queen Latifah in Round One): Mandy definitely has one of the more diverse dating histories, at least in profession: dated actor Wilmer Valderrama for two years, tennis pro Andy Roddick for the next two years, Zach Braff for the next two years (no breaks yet), a DJ named DJ AM (who dated Nicole Richie directly before Mandy) and a personal favorite musician Greg Laswell in the year after Zach, the year after that got engaged to musician Ryan Adams, divorced in 2016, and is currently dating Taylor Goldsmith who is in the folk band Dawes.

JULIANNA (beat Cameron Diaz in Round One): dated her onscreen paramedic love interest on ER Ron Eldard for 12 years, and is currently married to hottie attorney Keith Lieberthal. They've been together for ten years.


#2 Kate Winslet v. #15 Anne Hathaway

KATE (beat Mariska Hargitay in Round One): WE ALL JUST WANT IT TO BE LEO WHY IS THE UNIVERSE SO MEAN. Fiiiiine. Actual dating history is as follows: dated Rufus Sewell who a decade later played her cheating lover in The Holiday, married for three years in the late 90s to assistant director (never had his own film) Jim Threapleton, married to director Sam Mendes for the following decade, dated British model Louis Dowler the year after her divorce (who's currently married to Jennifer Esposito), and has been married for the last four years to Richard Branson's wild and charming nephew - wait for it - Ned Rocknroll. Yes. He changed his last name to Rocknroll. 

ANNE (beat Zoe Kravitz in Round One): Topher Grace for two years, Hugh Dancy for two years (three years before Claire Danes), Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri for four years, and is currently married to Adam Shulman who was the producer on one of Anne's movies. 


Voting is closed!

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