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Wonder Women, First Half of Round Two

Wonder Women, First Half of Round Two

We're back for round two!

Because there are still a million women in contention (really 64) and because I can easily disappear into the Internet rabbit hole of information about all of them, we're sticking to one interesting fact today - who they've dated

This IS NOT because women are only valuable if they're on a guy's arm but because it's FASCINATING slash I had forgotten a ton of these which means you probably have, too. And pro tip: if you're in a movie, make sure you don't fall in love with your costar because that mess happens A LOT.

Let the voting begin!


#1 Sandra Bullock v. #17 Jenna Fischer

SANDRA (beat Jessica Alba in round one): Matthew McConaughey (costar), Keanu Reeves (costar), Ryan Gosling (a lot younger costar), Tate Donovan (costar), Jesse James (cheating motorcycle jerk), and Troy Aikman (hall of fame Dallas Cowboys quarterback)

JENNA (beat Glenn Close in round one): was married to James Dunn for seven years (director and writer of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies), currently married to Lee Kirk for six years (director and writer of The Giant Mechanical Man starring Jenna and Chris Messina which you should watch immediately)


#8 Julia Louis Dreyfus v. #9 Meg Ryan

JULIA (beat Lauren Cohan in round one): has been married to writer/director/producer/actor Brad Hall for 30 years.

MEG (beat Alicia Vikander in round one): Anthony Edwards (costar), married Dennis Quaid (costar), cheated on Dennis with Russell Crowe (costar), a decade later dated John Mellencamp.


#4 Emma Watson v. #20 Robin Wright

EMMA (beat Margot Robbie in round one): has dated a dozen randoes since 2005, namely a student named Will Adamowicz for two years.

ROBIN (beat Jessica Chastain in round one): Sean Penn for the bulk of her adult life plus dated Charlie Sheen, Jason Patric, and most recently Ben Foster.


#5 Connie Britton v. #21 Allison Janney

CONNIE (beat Krysten Ritter in round one): married to some guy named John for four years in the early 90s and ZERO REPORTS OF RELATIONSHIPS SINCE.

ALLISON (beat Taraji P. Henson in round one): with a guy named Richard Jenik in the early 2000s but nothing otherwise.

Also, this is a throwdown of the first ladies of television. Gracious.


#3 Emily Blunt v. #14 Sally Field

EMILY (beat Anna Kendrick in round one): dated Michael Buble for three years and has been with John Krasinski since 2008.

SALLY (beat Jodie Foster in round one): Davy Jones, Kevin Kline, Lee Majors, and Johnny Carson. Y'all.


#6 Rachel McAdams v. #11 Viola Davis

RACHEL (beat Gal Gadot in round one): Ryan Gosling (costar), Josh Lucas, and Michael Sheen.

VIOLA (beat Blake Lively in round one): Julius Tennon for the duration.


#7 Natalie Portman v. #10 Helen Mirren

NATALIE (beat Marion Cotillard in round one): LOTS of rumors - Moby, Andy Samberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jude Law - but confirmed with mostly randoes except for Hayden Christensen and Lukas Haas. Currently married to Benjamin Millepied.

HELEN (beat Alison Brie in round one): Peter O'Toole, Liam Neeson for five years in the 80s, and has been with a guy named Taylor Hackford since 1986.


#2 Tina Fey v. #18 Ginnifer Goodwin

TINA (beat Jennifer Love Hewitt in round one): Has been with Jeff Richmond since she was 24.

GINNIFER (beat Angelina Jolie in round one): Topher Grace, Chris Klein, and has been with costar and onscreen fairy tale print Josh Dallas since 2011.



#1 Meryl Streep v. #17 Judi Dench

MERYL (beat Kathryn Hahn in round one): Has been with Donald Gummer since 1978.

JUDI (beat Helen Hunt in round one): Married to a guy named Michael Williams for thirty years but has been single for 16 years.

And, yes, I realize this one is excessively unfair.


#8 Melissa McCarthy v. #9 Katie Holmes

MELISSA (beat Susan Sarandon in round one): Has been with Ben Falcone since 2005.

KATIE (beat Yvonne Strahovski in round one): Joshua Jackson (costar obvs), Chris Klein, Peter Skarsgard, Jamie Foxx, and of course the infamous marriage to Tom Cruise.


#4 Lauren Graham v. #20 Ellie Kemper

LAUREN (beat Holly Hunter in round one): Tate Donovan, Matthew Perry, Marc Blucas, and has been with costar Peter Krause since 2010.

ELLIE (beat Julie Bowen in round one): currently married to Michael Koman.

They're having a photoshoot smile-off.


#5 Zooey Deschanel v. #12 Keira Knightley

ZOOEY (beat Jessica Lange in round one): Jason Schwartzman, Benjamin Gibbard (front man of Death Cab for Cutie), Jamie Linden who's currently dating Rachel McAdams, and has been married to Jacob Pechenik since 2015.

KEIRA (beat Tilda Swinton in round one): Jamie Dornan a decade ago (good eye, Keira), Rupert Friend, and married James Righton.


#3 Jennifer Garner v. #19 Lupita Nyong'o

JENNIFER (beat Felicity Jones in round one): Scott Foley, Michael Vartan (costar), and obvs Ben Affleck (costar).

LUPITA (beat Monica Potter in round one): only verified relationship is with K'Naan but has rumored relationships with Jared Leto, Chiwitel Ejiofor, and Michael Fassbender. Hello.


#6 Mindy Kaling v. #22 Diane Keaton

MINDY (beat Diane Lane in round one): B.J. Novak (right??) and Benjamin Nugent. Currently single and making it WERK.

DIANE (beat Charlize Theron in round one): Woody Allen (costar), Al Pacino (costar), Warren Beatty, and Keanu Reeves (muuuuch younger costar). 


#7 Julie Andrews v. #10 Kerry Washington

JULIE (beat Sarah Paulson in round one): first marriage for eight years, second marriage for 31. Also she's 81 years old. EIGHTY. ONE.

KERRY (beat Kate McKinnon in round one): been married to professional soccer player Nnamdi Asomugha for a few years and also dated David Moscow, aka curly-haired David from Newsies.

These photos are comically similar.


#2 Emma Stone v. #15 Michelle Williams

EMMA (beat Kirsten Dunst in round one): Teddy Geiger (no idea), Keiran Culkin (weird), and Andrew Garfield for four years.

MICHELLE (beat Scarlett Johansson in round one): most notably the very-much missed Heath Ledger as well as Jason Segal, Spike Jonze, and Bobby Cannavale.


Voting is closed! The next half of round two will post on Friday!

Wonder Women, Second Half of Round Two

Wonder Women, Second Half of Round Two

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