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#27: The Lazy Genius Movie Night

#27: The Lazy Genius Movie Night

It's summer, and the season demands a movie night. This episode will help you think about hosting one the most lazy genius way possible while still giving yourself permission to geek out a little if that's your thing.

1. Listen to the episode!

2. Get ideas from Pinterest!

The Lazy Genius Movie Night Pinterest Board

3. Here are a few things mentioned in the episode.

4. And as promised, some movie inspired food for your next summer movie night.

Harry Potter


  • obviously a giant bowl of Reese's Pieces, pizza (you can drop it on the ground beforehand to be accurate to the movie, and sugar cookies iced with white frosting to look like the moon

Legally Blonde

  • literally everything is pink


  • Virginia ham, Idaho potatoes, Wisconsin cheese, Washington apples, and baked Alaska

The Princess Bride

  • Princess Buttercup cupcakes with yellow frosting and sugar pearls, ham and cheese sandwiches (like the little boy ate), something dark chocolate to represent the Man in Black, cut any crudite into long pieces and call them swords, and go more adventurous with some grilled or fried calamari, i.e. some shrieking eels
#28: The Lazy Genius Creates Space

#28: The Lazy Genius Creates Space

#26: The Lazy Genius Grills

#26: The Lazy Genius Grills