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Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't.

Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't.

Welcome to The Lazy Genius Collective!

This is what you've been looking for - a place to be yourself, laugh, uncover the margin you so desperately want in your life, and stop being pushed around by everything you "should" do. It's time to stop looking for ways to be a genius about things that don't actually matter. What a waste, y'all. Freedom is closer than you think, and you can get started right now. 

Our Most Popular Posts to Get You Started

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"I think there is something to be said about building the online universe that serves your needs in the moment."

Create a Meal Plan That Will Save Your Life and Make You Pretty
"The single greatest stress of the day is not cooking dinner - it's figuring out what to make for dinner. And since stress causes wrinkles, weight gain, and headaches, we can assume that eliminating the biggest stress of the day will prevent us from rapidly aging and becoming dependent on a cocktail of Ibuprofen and wine."

The Daily Discipline of Rest
"When I feel the need to recharge, I assume a weekend away is the answer. Sometimes it is, but usually it means I'm ignoring the daily discipline of rest."

Because We All Need to See Downton Abbey People As Regular People
"There's nothing more fun than seeing a period-piece actor in skinny jeans and a sequined cardigan, especially if it's Mr. Carson! ::knee slap::"

How to Bullet Journal: The Absolute Ultimate Guide
"I wish this post had existed when I first started, so here's to you having better luck with the learning curve than I did."

A Loving Home Doesn't Have to be a Clean One
"A clean house might help your soul breathe, but a clean house doesn't give you value."

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