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Hi, I’m Kendra!

I’m the creator of Change Your Life Chicken, host of The Lazy Genius Podcast, and professional Permission Giver.

I’m going to help you be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.

You Don’t Have to Have Summer All Figured Out to Have Fun

Summer is not a problem we have to solve, y’all. Let me say that a little louder for those in the back. Summer is not a problem we have to solve. Yes, it comes with its own mixed bag of highs and lows, flurries of activity and moments of boredom, but we have the choice to take summer for what it is and make the most of it.


Summer Foods

Is thinking about your meal plan for the next three months making you sweat? I got you. I’ve rounded up the best of the best for summer meals – including a list of 21 meals to inspire your own Summer Dinner Queue.


Summer Time

The flexibility of summer is always a delight…until it’s not. Here are the best Lazy Genius resources for finding structure in the chaos of summer and how to lean into routines in a season that forsakes them at every turn.


Summer Fun

Summer is not just for the kids. We get to have fun, too. Take a break and do something fun for yourself this season. Here are a few ideas.

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