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{season one} Episode 5: Jamie Golden, i.e. The Funniest Baker in All the Land

My guest today is the incomparable funny lady, Jamie Golden. You know her from The Popcast, one of the greatest podcasts ever, but she's also a baller baker.

Today, Jamie and I share with you our favorite Lazy Genius baking tips and tricks, including but not limited to how you never have to clean a sheet pan or muffin pan or your refrigerator shelves again, as well as how chafing can help you remember the difference between baking soda and baking powder.

And if you'd like your own copy of The Flavor Bible (which we talk about), get it, girl. Or boy. Some of you might be boys.

Where to find Jamie... but only if you're not creepy.

Instagram: @jamiebgolden
Facebook: /jamiebgolden
Twitter: @jamiebgolden
Jamie's Cake Pops: Jamie's Sweet Revenge (the gallery is a feast for the eyes)
The Popcast

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