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{season one} Episode 2: Nick Flora, i.e. Kendra's Pop Culture Doppleganger

Ever wish you had a television cheat sheet? Everyone keeps talking about this show and that show, and you simply don't have the brain cells to keep up. Today, my friend and pop culture brother Nick Flora is here to help. Nick and I break down the most popular television shows and give you all you need to know, including mic drop lines you can throw into a conversation even if you've never seen the show. It's television Cliffs Notes at their finest, so you're welcome. 

Plus, we take a surprising tangent down early 90s Christian culture memory lane, so have fun if you fit that demographic, too.

Stuff We Mention

Where to find Nick in all the places...

Twitter: @nickflora
Instagram: @nickflora
His music, tour dates, podcast, and all of it: nickflora.com

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