Need help getting back into a routine?

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  • When we start the day with the right energy, sometimes things go better than we expect. Listen to The Lazy Genius Morning Routine, and create mornings that make you feel like yourself.

  • A good evening routine sets the stage for the next morning. Learn how to slowly build an evening routine that gradually decreases your productive energy and helps you connect with yourself and the people around you.

  • In The Lazy Genius Cleaning Routine, we figure out how to create an actual routine, a rhythm for keeping your house relatively clean on a relatively regular basis. 

  • If you have trouble at bedtime, I go through all the details of our kids’ bedtimes and what works for us and what doesn’t in Finding a Bedtime Routine For Kids.

  • In The Lazy Genius Exercise Routine, you'll get zero guilt. In fact, I think you'll feel free to approach exercise in a way that makes sense without feeling like you have to look like an Olympian. 

Read These

  • Your routine looks different from mine based on all the regular variables - personality, life stage, vocation, goals - but we all need the grounding power of routine for more reasons than you might think.

  • If you can create a routine around the regular parts of life, you'll find there's more than enough space to make the fun things happen, too. Learn how in Finding a Fall Routine.

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