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Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't.

Who's Our Favorite Andrew?

Happy December, y'all! I'm equal parts excited and embarrassed that we've been voting on our favorite famous men for SIX MONTHS. True story. We started in July. Oh my gosh. But I'm still having fun, and y'all are still voting so ONWARD.

Last week was an intriguing week - the Bill(y) week. We had similarly classic funny men in Murray and Crystal, the oft confused Paxton and Pullman, plus the possible cult followings of a Hader, Eichner, and Burke. Who would win? While it wasn't a runaway, it wasn't a nail biter.

Your favorite Bill is...

Bill Murray!

I think that decade where he ruled the world is still carrying power. Congratulations, Bill!

This week, we tackle Andys and Andrews. There aren't any heavy hitters, so this one is anyone's game! Cast your vote and come back next Friday to find out the winner and vote for our next name... David. Y'all, there are SEVENTEEN. And that's after I cut eight. Oh my word bring a pen.


Due to an incredibly vocal constituency, Andrew McCarthy has been added as an option. If you're able to vote again, go for it. It makes me sad to see so many of you so sad.

Andy Garcia

Where We've Seen Him

The Oceans movies, The Untouchables, The Godfather Part III, and When a Man Loves a Woman

Why We Love Him

He's old Hollywood handsome, and his chivalry predates that. He's been married to his wife for 34 years and has walked out of an audition when asked to remove his shirt because he doesn't do nudity. Garcia keeping it classy. And to think that we might have never had him on our screens if it wasn't for Fidel Castro. Garcia's family was living in Cuba and very affluent, and then Castro came into power. They feared for their safety and gave up everything to move to Miami. So... thanks, Castro? 

Andrew Garfield

Where We've Seen Him

The Amazing Spiderman, The Social Network, Never Let Me Go, and Emma Stone's arm.

Why We Love Him

He's British, so that always counts big. He was with Emma Stone for a long time, and for some (me included) that also counts big. Is he good? I'm not yet sure if he's good, but he could be. I loved him in The Social Network, and he has a humble, hungry attitude towards his work. He was quoted as saying that he hopes he has to audition for every role he gets because it makes you struggle, making the work better. That's admirable even though I wonder if he'll be saying that in ten years. 

Andrew Lincoln

Where We've Seen Him

The Walking Dead and as the guy holding signs proclaiming his love to a married Keira Knightly in Love Actually and we all thought it was sweet except for WOULD YOU WANT YOUR BEST FRIEND SECRETLY DECLARING HIS OR HER LOVE FOR YOUR SPOUSE JUST BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS???

"To me, you are INAPPROPRIATE."

Why We Love Him

If you don't watch The Walking Dead, you don't give a rip about Andrew Lincoln, and if you do watch, you might hate Rick. A lot of people do hashtag bad accent. But he can be a terrific character if you have the right perspective. And Andrew seems like a solid guy. He's involved in a lot of charity work with the homeless population, and Apple Martin (Gwyneth and Coldplay's daughter) was a flower girl at his wedding. Call me crazy, but that's hella cool.

Andrew McCarthy

Where We've Seen Him

St. Elmo's Fire, Pretty in Pink, Lipstick Jungle, Kingdom Hospital, Mulholland Falls, and The Joy Luck Club

Why We Love Him

I initially left him off the list, not on purpose but because he just wasn't on my radar. I missed the Andrew McCarthy era by the tiniest of windows. That said, he's in A LOT of iconic movies, so I get why a lot of you couldn't believe he wasn't on the original Andrew list. Plus he's a director now - Orange Is the New Black, Gossip Girl, The Blacklist... I mean, wow! 

Andy Richter

Where We've Seen Him

On the couch next to Conan. He also had a few tiny arcs on shows like Chuck, 30 Rock, Monk, and Arrested Development.

Why We Love Him

He's so dang funny, he's been married to the same woman for over 20 years (yay!), and he holds the record for highest winnings on Celebrity Jeopardy. Granted, the competition seems slim, but that counts for something. And weird side note, but he looks short to me. I've always thought him to be very short. Y'all, he's over six feet tall! Giant Funny Andy!

Andy Samberg

Where We've Seen Him

Saturday Night Live, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and a smattering of fart noise slapstick college boy comedies.

Why We Love Him

A beloved reader/listener/Lazy Genius named Adrienne said this on Twitter.

And this is the dilemma. Hot or quirky? Cool or dorky? Funny or immature? Intelligent or super dumb? YES. And this is why he's awesome. 

Andrew Scott

Where We've Seen Him

On Sherlock scaring the mess out of us. You might also recognize him from small parts in and of Brothers, The Hour, and Saving Private Ryan.

Why We Love Him

This is a niche pick, but a lot of Sherlock fans will THROW DOWN on anyone who says anything bad about that show. If you love it hard, then you marvel at the genius of Andrew Scott's portrayal of Moriarty and will defend him to the death. (Or maybe that's just me.) He elevates that character beyond anything even the creators imagined. It's a remarkable performance that places him solidly in the running of favorite Andrews. 

Time to vote!

What I Learned This Fall

I'm joining my girl Emily P. Freeman to share all the things I learned this fall season. Let the list commence! 

1. Shirley Maclaine and Warren Beatty are brother and sister!

I pride myself on knowing obscure Hollywood connections, so I'll chalk this one up to not being old enough? But OHMYGOSH DID Y'ALL KNOW THIS??? Blew my mind. 

2. I can live without dairy and not commit murder.

Baby Annie becomes Gassy Baby Annie Who Won't Sleep Because of Pain when I consume dairy, so about six weeks into her little life, I gave it up cold turkey. Or cold dairy. Mmm, milk. She is now over seven months old, so I've gone SIX MONTHS without milk, cheese, Oreo milkshakes... all the dairy things, you guys! And I can't believe it, but it eventually became okay. I've become a fan of almond milk, I've gotten really good at coconut curries, and Ben and Jerry's dairy-free frozen dessert (because they can't call it ice cream, I guess?) is actually pretty good. 

In fact (TMI coming), over Thanksgiving, I decided to throw caution to the wind and consume all the foods like my body used to. So. Much. Butter. And for at least six hours later? So much diarrhea. Real talk, y'all, my body is NOT a fan of dairy anymore. I'm currently trying to reconcile this with my veins previously being filled with butter, but we'll figure it out.

3. You're not supposed to wash your hair every day.

You know that show Bunheads? I could've started my own spinoff called Greaseheads. My hair requires copious amounts of shampoo every day to not look like a dirty mop. But my sister who worked in a couple of salons and knows all things hair told me a few months ago that she washes her hair maybe once a week... which is weird because her hair always looks awesome. What sorcery is this! The word is out that washing your hair only every few days is better in the long run because your hair can enjoy its natural oils or some nonsense that makes no sense. 

But I tried it. I got a shower cap (water doesn't like three day-old hair), dry shampoo (Batiste is my favorite), and a few more bobby pins for unruly days, and doggoneit, y'all. I wash my hair every three or four days. And it's FANTASTIC. My hair looks fine (I've never been great at styling, especially since I have short hair), but if you've been around here awhile and have an excellent memory of my neuroses, you might recall that I hate getting wet and think showers are an epic waste of time. I'm halfway to not showering every day! It's magical!

If you want to try, don't start going four days. Things will get tragic super fast. Start with every other day and let your hair get used to producing its own oils again. Then after a week or two, add another non-washing day to the rotation. And dry shampoo on your roots is your best friend amen.

4. Winona Ryder is only one year older than Gabrielle Union.

They're both beautiful, and they both look great (even though I hate that phrase because what's our baseline here and also who cares??). This has nothing to do with how old they look. But would ANY OF YOU have believed that they're only ONE YEAR APART? Maybe it's because Winona has been on our radar so long, and it feels like Gabrielle Union was playing a high school cheerleader in Bring It On just a few years ago. But, y'all... she was 28 when she was in that movie. For the LOVE. 

The two have the same birthday, so when Popsugar filled my Instagram feed with both of their pictures and said Winona was 45 and Gabrielle was 44, I literally said out loud to no one, "Somebody's about to get fired for not fact-checking." Then I fact-checked it myself, and OHMYGOSH. My mind tends to be blown over decidedly unimportant things, but this was one of them.

5. Zappos is amazing.

Y'all probably know this, but I had never bought from them until this season. I wanted some Chucks, ordered the ones I thought I wanted, received them and didn't like the color in real life, returned them so easily to get the color I did like, got the new pair, wore them around for one day, had intense foot and leg pain because apparently my feet turned all Old Lady on me overnight and can't wear Chucks, contacted Zappos again to see if they'd take back the shoes even though I'd already worn them out, and they told me to GIVE THEM TO SOMEBODY WHO NEEDED SHOES THAT IT WAS COOL AND THEY DIDN'T CHARGE ME. I've heard that Zappos is known for their customer service, but I discovered that in spades. I heart Zappos forever and ever amen.

6. I'm hardcore Team Jess.

I wrote a Gilmore Guide for bingers, I rehashed all the things with Tsh on her podcast, and I watched the Gilmore Girls revival with low expectations and sky-high excitement. It did not disappoint, and even though it was slow in places and a little whatevs, Fall was SUCH A PAYOFF. I need a place to put all my feelings because oh my gosh. But what did I learn? I was already Team Jess, and now I'm the campaign manager to convince anyone who is otherwise. Team Jess 4EVAH.

7. Hamilton is one of the few things in life that lives up to the hype.

Lebron James. Seasonal Reese's peanut butter cups. Hamilton. End of list. 

It took me months to take the time to listen, and I wasn't going to until I watched the documentary about the making of the show on PBS. I was hooked. Yes, you all were right. It's amazing. 

P.S. My two favorite songs are "Wait For It" and "Right Hand Man." As you were.

8. Target has a beauty box.

Like Birchbox or Ipsy or the dozens of other subscription beauty boxes, Target has one! But it's not a subscription which is nice since you don't have to commit, but it also sells out quickly so it's easy to miss. But they list the items so you can decide if you want it before you buy, and all the items can be purchased at Target! One of my least favorite things about Birchbox et cetera is that I fall in love with products that cost a million dollars and have to stop using what I love or become very poor. This way, if I like something, I know it won't put me in debt since Target it full of reasonably priced Regular Person items. Yessssss.

9. Stickers make my Bullet Journal happy.

I'm the biggest cheerleader for a simple Bullet Journal. (My BuJo guide is my most popular post by a mile, so if you've ever wanted to get a taste, check it out here.) So many journals are decorated and hand-lettered to the nines, but that's not my skill set. But it's fun when things look at least a little pretty. 

Enter stickers! I found these simple letter stickers, and they make everything more beautiful without taking an hour. They've made my process so much better, and I love logging my life even more. If you're not artistic but still want the tiniest bit of flair, stickers are the way to go.

10. My Lily Jade bag continues to be worth every penny.

I started using this bag in the spring, but it's had its greatest test this fall with two kids in school and one always on my hip/chest. I wrote about the bag here, and if you think your life could change because of a purse (high claim, but it's true), I'm hosting a Lily Jade giveaway on Instagram until December 4th. Go enter!

11. Cookbooks on the Kindle are awesome.

It makes no sense in my analog brain to have a cookbook where I can't flip the pages. Still, I bought How to Cook Everything Fast (one of my favorite dinner books) on Kindle when it was on sale for two bucks, and I'm obsessed with digital cookbooks now. Kindle allows you to highlight passages in multiple colors, so I "flip through" a book and highlight the recipes in different colors based on what they're for, i.e. blue is family meals, yellow is party foods, pink is for holidays, etc. I can search within each color and by ingredient, and I can make notes on the highlighted recipes we've tried. It's my new favorite way to consume recipes. Give me all the Kindle cookbooks.

12. Christmas music is magical.

This feels like more of a winter thing to learn, but when listening to Christmas music became legal last week, I was transported again - like I am every year - by how awesome the options are. There are Christmas albums for every musical taste under the sun, and I've had All the Emotions in just a few days of listening to my favorites. And I'm always up for new suggestions, so throw them in the comments if you have a can't-miss Christmas album!

And if you want a detailed roundup of my top 20 favorite Christmas albums (many of which are vastly under the radar), enter your email below, and I'll send you the list. It's categorized by what you're doing when you listen because, come on, we can't wash dishes in December without a Washing Dishes in December playlist.

Here's Why I Have an Expensive Purse (and How You Can Get One, Too)

Raise your hand if you're cheap. I'm sorry... frugal. 

If you ever read magazines promoting $200 perfume and $500 shoes and gasp in horror, if you wish you could buy more organic foods but can't stomach paying a million dollars for one chicken thigh, if paying full price for a shirt at Target is a splurge, we're in this together. My husband is a public school guidance counselor, and we have three kids. I get it.

And now I'm going to tell you something shocking:
I own a $350 purse. 

I KNOW. I can't believe it either. But now I'm going to tell you something even more shocking.
I would buy it again.

This Is the Story of a Bag

I have three little kids, and the third one was a surprise. Part of my shock recovery was figuring out how to physically juggle three tiny humans at once. Solution? I'd wear the baby, like, all the time, but I've learned my lesson in trying to do that while carrying a crossbody bag. (Spoiler: it doesn't work.)

I figured my only solution was a backpack, but I already struggle with feeling like an adult. Wearing a backpack doesn't help my case. But what was I supposed to do? Purses can't turn into backpacks, and besides... I didn't just need a purse. I needed a diaper bag.

I looked on Amazon, on Etsy, at thrift stores... everywhere. I even contacted a few Etsy sellers who made purses I liked to see if they could figure out how to let me wear it on my back and fill it with All the Pockets. Fails. Everywhere fails.

And then... THEN... a lady I follow on Instagram posted a picture of her holding her baby and wearing her cool leather purse... ON HER BACK. 

It was then I discovered the magic of Lily Jade

Lily Jade bags are real purses that are beautifully designed, full of amazing features that make them perfect for moms - pockets, machine washable removable interiors, versatile wearing abilities, and impressive durability. And I bought one with my own cash money and want to tell you about it.

What I Love About My Lily Jade Bag

1. The strap easily clips from shoulder to crossbody to backpack bag.

I use all three and still can't believe how versatile it is. My husband is always in awe when I take all three kids grocery shopping, but it's easy when the two big ones are in the cart, the baby is on my chest, and my purse is on my back. (There's also an abnormal amount of popcorn involved, but we don't need to talk about that.)

It's a backpack!

It's a backpack!

It's a crossbody!

It's a crossbody!

Unclip the big strap, and it's a shoulder bag!

Unclip the big strap, and it's a shoulder bag!

2. It looks amazing.

No quilted fabrics or monkey patterns in sight. I feel like a woman, not just a mom. I chose the Elizabeth in Camel, but the other styles and color choices are top notch.

3. It comes with a removable "Baby Bag."

Each bag comes with an insert that snaps in and out like a dream, full of perfectly sized pockets for diapers, bottles, pacis, and anything else you need for your little people or you. Dropping the baby off at grandma's? Just remove the Baby Bag from your actual bag and leave it with her, taking your purse with you. Seriously? It's so awesome.


4. It will last me long past when my baby isn't a baby anymore.

When my diaper bag days are over, my Lily Jade purse days will still be rocking it. I've had mine for a year, and it still looks as good as the day I got it.

5. It does what it says it will do.

I use the different straps. I use the pockets. I remove the Baby Bag. I use this bag every single day, and this thing is virtually indestructible.

The Expensive Elephant In the Room

Now, I know what you're thinking.

Yes, the bag costs $350. For those of us who struggle spending money at all, not just on ourselves, it feels like an impossibility. (And don't even think about convincing some of our husbands that we're not insane for considering a purse that's the price of a car payment.)

But... it's more than worth it to me, and here's why.

I have no doubt that this bag will be my daily bag five, even ten, years from now. It's that classic and awesome. If I annualize the cost of the bag even over just three years, it costs me 32 cents a day.

  • Am I happy to pay 32 cents a day for a bag I love? Yes.
  • For a bag that works? Yes.
  • For a bag that solves problems I never thought could be solved? Yes.
  • For a bag that goes with everything? Yes.
  • For a bag that lets me run errands with a baby with practically zero effort? Yes.
  • For a bag that holds everything I need without feeling like a pack mule? Yes.
  • For a bag that is so easy to clean when life happens? Yes.
  • For a bag that will last me for years and years because it's so classically stylish? YES.

This bag is so worth 32 cents a day for that. And if I use it for five years? 19 cents a day. Seven years? 14 cents. You get the idea. Basically I am more than willing to drop a few coins in a jar every day to have a bag that makes my life easier and better on multiple levels. 

So if you're tired of going from bag to bag and never being super sold on any of them, consider Lily Jade. It's the only bag you'll need for a crazy long time.

Like I said, I've had mine for a year, and I was going to write this very post at this very time to encourage you to check them out. The draft was on my computer and everything. Then the craziest thing happened. Lily Jade contacted me to see if they could send me a bag to review for this here blog.


I told them I had a bag, loved it, and could I give the bag away to one of you instead? They generously changed it from a specific bag to a credit to their store so the winner can choose whatever she wants. Aren't we glad the wizarding world interfered? You were just going to get me telling you to check out the bags, but now one if you will win one!

I'm hosting the giveaway on Instagram where the winner gets $300 in the Lily Jade shop! So pull out your phone (I can access mine so easily from the side pocket of my awesome bag!), and hop on Instagram to get details! The bags range from $250 to $350, so the winner pretty much gets the bag of their choice. The giveaway closes on Sunday, December 4th, and the winner will be announced on Monday, December 5th. Head over to enter!

Sometimes things are worth splurging on. I'm glad I splurged on this.

Well, look at that mom of three who isn't juggling her purse and her kids. Miracle of miracles.

Okay, now go enter the giveaway and then check out all the options and choose the bag you could win!

Who's Our Favorite Bill?

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! I hope you're all enjoying a cozy house full of leftovers, board games, and multiple napping surfaces. Or if you're into it... a cold sidewalk in the middle of the night. (Black Friday and I are not friends.)

Take a quick break from doing your puzzle or buying one in a saturated Walmart, and vote for your favorite Bill! But before we do that, last week was CLOSE. We voted for our favorite Zach, and it was a beautiful moment as every single Zach got a decent pull of votes. But your winner?

Zachary Levi is your favorite Zach!

Quinto was a close second, but Levi tipped the scales. Who would've thought there'd be so many Zachs! Bill isn't a surprising name, but you'll be super surprised at how hard it will be to cast your vote. Good luck.

Billy Burke

Where We've Seen Him

The Twilight movies, Revolution, Rizzoli & Isles, 24, and the coffee bean guy on Gilmore Girls

Why We Love Him

It's a niche pick, but it's possible he's your favorite. Sometimes we latch onto celebrities and love them forever, even if they usually play creepy murderers or out-of-touch dads. But if the real guy is anything like the most real character I've seen him play, aka on Gilmore Girls, he's worth liking.

Billy Crystal

Where We've Seen Him

When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bridge, City Slickers, Analyze This, and Monsters Inc.

Why We Love Him

Because he's Billy Crystal. Did you know his dream was to be a baseball player? He even went to college on a baseball scholarship! But the program was cancelled the season he started (it was a small school), so he moved back home to New York and enrolled in community college and majored in theater. And the rest is history. Also he's been married to one woman since 1970. In fact, he's claimed she the first girl he ever dated. WHAT IS HAPPENING I LOVE YOU BILLY CRYSTAL.

Billy Eichner

Where We've Seen Him

Parks and Rec, Difficult People, Billy on the Street, and a beloved fixture on a number of red carpets and late night couches.

Why We Love Him

He's a unique bird, but gracious does he crack me up. I'm always in awe of artists who create their own work, and Billy is one of those. He writes, acts, produces, and talks to random people on the street to create his work and make people laugh. I. Love. Him.

Bill Hader

Where We've Seen Him

Saturday Night Live, Documentary Now, Inside Out, Trainwreck, Superbad, The Mindy Project, and an unsung but powerful film The Skeleton Twins

Why We Love Him

He's stupid talented. His characters on SNL were consistently the best on screen, and - let's be real - he convincingly played a romantic lead in Trainwreck without being even remotely close to romantic lead material. He's humble, funny, and smart. Cliche but important.

Bill Murray

Where We've Seen Him

Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, Zombieland, Lost in Translation, What About Bob, Caddyshack... I mean good grief.

Why We Love Him

He's the guy who pops into your wedding and takes photos with your guests. He cries over the World Series. He owned the 80s and early 90s starring in a ton of iconic comedies, he was nominated for an Oscar for Lost in Translation which is a decidedly non-funny film, and he's probably eating leftover Thanksgiving turkey at Wes Anderson's house right now. The guy can do it all and does it all well. 

Bill Paxton

Where We've Seen Him

Apollo 13, Twister, Big Love, Titanic, Tombstone, Nightcrawler, and Edge of Tomorrow

Why We Love Him

He's been around a long time, biding his time, starting out as a set dresser, writing and producing his own short films, and getting bit parts until a consistent career as the Second Guy. And he plays the second guy oh so well. 

P.S. Everyone has mixed him up with Bill Pullman at least once.

Bill Pullman

Where We've Seen Him

While You Were Sleeping, Independence Day, Newsies, Sleepless in Seattle, and A League of Their Own. 

Why We Love Him

He's been in a few of my favorite movies, so it's hard to ignore the guy. He's been quiet the last 10-15 years, not doing anything critically or commercially popular, but he did grow a fabulous beard. Plus - we have to mention - he's been married since 1987. High five, Pullman.

P.S. Everyone has mixed him up with Bill Paxton at least once.

Time to vote!

Who's Our Favorite Zach?

Last week, we voted for our favorite Robert. It was WAY harder than any of us anticipated. 

Two important pieces of news. Robert Pattinson got one vote. A single, solitary vote. Props to you, Pattison fan. You matter, and I see you. But OHMYGOSH ONE VOTE. Out of, like, waaaaaay more than one. It's comical on so many levels.

Now on to our winner. Based on your comments, it was bound to be a tight race, and it was. A valiant effort by all, but our winner is the one I think deserves the title most, so luckily I don't have to rig the results this time KIDDING I NEVER DO THAT. (Seriously, I never do that. And you have to believe me because I didn't change it when my all-time favorite James McAvoy wasn't even your favorite James! I accept the results. Total truth here.) Now to the winner...

Your favorite Robert is...

Robert Downey, Jr.!

Excellent choice, friends. And I know that many of you who voted a different way still love RDJ. He's so great, and I'm glad he's advanced to our finals round that will happen in a million years because I never want to stop doing this!

Now let's vote for some Zachs! You'll be surprised at how rich the Zach population is. 

Zach Braff

Where We've Seen Him

Scrubs, Garden State, Wish I Was Here, and the voice in Chicken Little.

Why We Love Him

If you're a Scrubs fan, you luuuuuv Zach Braff. He tells the stories he wants to tell - writing, directing, and acting in his pet projects. He's also best friends with his Scrubs co-star Donald Faison which is lovely to imagine, even if they're not like Turk and J.D. 

Zac Efron

Where We've Seen Him

High School Musical, 17 Again, Neighbors, Charlie St. Cloud, and The Lucky One.

Why We Love Him

I have to give everybody a fair shake, but I DON'T GET IT. Still, I'm going to pretend like I love him. He can sing, he's really ripped, he's funny, and he really loves his fans!

(In my heart, I'm skeptical of all these things. Carry on.)

Zach Galafinakis

Where We've Seen Him

The Hangover, Birdman, Due Date, Baskets, and my personal favorite Between Two Ferns. (The one with Brad Pitt will always be one of my favorite things ever made.)

Why We Love Him

He's hilarious, one of the funniest minds in Hollywood. One of the more surprising things is that he owns property in the mountains of North Carolina (where he's from) and wants to create a writers' retreat center on a self-sustaining farm. I've heard him in a couple of long-form interviews, and he's an incredibly smart, astute man who just happens to be funny and bizarre.

Zachary Levi

Where We've Seen Him

Chuck. Also the main guy on Tangled, a short-lived role on the Heroes reboot, and he's working on a new TV series thriller about a murder and amnesia and all the things.

Why We Love Him

He's annoyingly likable. It feels safe to assume he's a lot like Chuck, and Chuck is perfect. Plus he acts, sings, he's tall, and every year he hosts a big convention that raises money for Operation Smile. Ugh, so he's a good person, too???

Zachary Quinto

Where We've Seen Him

Heroes (SUCH a great villain), Star Trek, the third season of 24, and American Horror Story.

Why We Love Him

His dad was a barber and then died of cancer when Zachary was seven years old. You never want a person to lose their parent at a young age - it's not how life is supposed to work - but it's inspirational to see the grounded souls that come from early suffering. That sounds super dramatic, but it's true. His dad had a humble beginnings, worked hard, died young, and Zachary's way of moving in the world was greatly affected by that. 

"Fear is an interesting thing. It has a place in all of our lives. I try to be as fearless as possible. I don't always succeed, but I like to think I try." 

That's evident to me, and I really like the guy for living his life that way.

Zach Woods

Where We've Seen Him

The Office, The Good Wife, Silicon Valley, Ghostbusters, Playing House, Veep, and he had the funniest cameo as a paramedic in the movie The Heat. And if you like Christopher Guest movies, he's in a new one on Netflix called Mascots, and it's hilarious. 

Why We Love Him

I haven't had a ton of exposure to him as a person since he's not exactly a regular on the talk show circuit, but his characters are so well formed. Gabe on The Office is so... tall. I guess all of his characters are tall since he's, you know, tall, but he makes it a personality trait and it's amazing. I didn't know how much I liked the guy until making this list.

Time to vote!