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Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't.

Who's Our Favorite Ed?

I feel like I owe you guys an apology. Chris week was super hard, so I thought Josh week would lighten things a bit. I WAS SO WRONG. This vote shocked me. It was so close. Like single digit votes close. And full disclosure - and I can't believe I'm admitting this - I almost didn't include a particular Josh. And this is the Josh that WON. Y'all. Oh my gosh. 

And your favorite Josh is...

Josh Lucas!

Who knew Sweet Home Alabama had such high billing in your hearts. 

Alright, let's vote for our favorite Ed. I say this most weeks, but I don't know who to choose. So many great picks, y'all. I LOVE FRIDAYS.

Ed Harris

Where We've Seen Him

Westworld, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, The Truman Show, Stepmom, The Hours... and do y'all remember him in The Firm from a million years ago?

Why We Love Him

Nobody is a better supporting actor. Nobody. Well, probably somebody but nobody I can think of right now. His cheekbones alone are award-winning, but he's been nominated for four Oscars for his acting. That plus the cheekbones? And the voice? And the intensity? Holy hotness, Batman. 

Ed Helms

Where We've Seen Him

The Office, The Hangover, Vacation, and a smattering of comedies and web series.

Why We Love Him

Funny guys are always a favorite, and Ed Helms is exceptionally funny. Slightly nerdy, unconventionally handsome, and Andy Bernard is one of my favorite characters ever. We haven't even mentioned the harmonica playing yet. 

Eddie Murphy

Where We've Seen Him

Ohmygosh ready? Shrek, Dreamgirls, Doctor Doolittle, The Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, Trading Places, and Saturday Night Live. Also 48 Hrs. was his first ever movie when he was only 20. Sheesh.

Why We Love Him

Well, he started successfully performing as a standup comedian when he was 15. I mean. He's a comedy genius, and it's hard to not laugh when he starts to laugh. I haven't had a lot of experience with Eddie Murphy films, but he's fighting for my vote simply from Mister Robinson's Neighborhood.

Edward Norton

Where We've Seen Him

Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, The Bourne Legacy, The Incredible Hulk, The Illusionist, The Italian Job, Primal Fear, and of course... Fight Club.

Why We Love Him

First, he got an Oscar nomination for Primal Fear; it was his first movie. Granted, he had been studying acting since the age of 8 when allegedly he asked his elementary drama teacher what his motivation in a scene was, but you know. Second, he has a history degree from Yale, is exceedingly active in environmental and social issues (his grandfather has an affordable housing foundation), and generously donates to charities on a regular basis. Third, he's good. Like, really really three-Oscar-nominations good. 

Eddie Redmayne

Where We've Seen Him

The Theory of Everything, The Danish Girl, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Les Miserables.

Why We Love Him

He's adorable... so awkward you want to pat him on the head like he's a dog, but he was also a hot male model for awhile. It's so WEIRD. How can someone be so hot and so awkward at the same time? He's only 35 with an Oscar, several nominations, and a promising career the rest of us can't wait to enjoy. Love the guy. And I have a major crush on his wife, Hannah Bagshawe. Do a Google Image search, and be stunned by her effortless beauty and ability to wear the worst olive color ever and still look stunning.

Time to vote!

Who's Our Favorite Josh?

Well, that was the hardest thing we've ever done. Voting for our favorite Chris was DMV level horrible. HOW. CAN. I. CHOOSE. But hundreds of you did, and even though every single Chris got love, one walked away with the title quite handily. 

Our favorite Chris is...

Chris Pratt!


I'm not entirely surprised, but I know how hard it was to click that name when all the rest were staring us in the face. And because this was so hard, here's the way the rest of the votes shook out: Pratt, Hemsworth, Pine, Evans (those last two separated by a SINGLE VOTE), O'Donnel, Plummer, Messina, Martin. Whew. Now that that's over, it's Josh time!


Josh Brolin

Why We Love Him

Umm, can you say YOUNG RIDERS????? Please tell me some of you watched that show.

Josh Brolin is rugged and sexy, but it doesn't stop there. Did you know his first role ever was in Goonies? I mean. And he's technically a child actor born into an actor family, and he's not a crazy person! He might just be the poster child for having a wildly successful career when a lot of odds were stacked against him. Plus he's incredibly talented. I suppose that counts, too.

Where We've Seen Him

GooniesYoung Riders, No Country for Old Men, True Grit.


Josh Charles

Where We've Seen Him

Sports Night, The Good Wife, and Dead Poets Society.

Why We Love Him

If you haven't seen his two main television shows, you might not even recognize him, but there's a lot to luuuuuv about Josh Charles if you do. My favorite performance will always be Knox Overstreet in Dead Poets Society chasing a girl with poetry. Adorable.

Josh Dallas

Where We've Seen Him

Once Upon a Time.

Why We Love Him

If you love OUAT, he's high on the list. He plays Prince Charming and is married to his on-screen Snow White, Ginnifer Goodwin. Everybody loves a real life fairy tale, and so far this one has a happily ever after. 

Josh Groban

Where We've Seen Him

Crazy Stupid Love, Muppets Most Wanted, The Hollars, and on stage singing us opera and Christmas songs.

Why We Love Him

He's one of the few musicians who gets a shot because of his level of fame and connection to Hollywood. Remember when he played Emma Stone's dorky lawyer boyfriend in Crazy Stupid Love? He's surprisingly good at acting in small doses and really funny. Plus he literally sings like an angel. Maybe better. You'll continue to see him on Hollywood red carpets as he's currently dating Kat Dennings of Two Broke Girls fame.

Josh Hartnett

Where We've Seen Him

Penny Dreadful, Sin City, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor.

Why We Love Him

So I remember being SMITTEN by Josh Hartnett. It was close to posters-on-the-wall status. Then he just... disappeared. He filled the early 2000s and even dated Scarlett Johansson for a couple of years. After they broke up, he had a string of movie flops and never got his momentum back. He was even offered the role of Clark Kent/Superman SEVERAL TIMES by Brett Ratner (producer of The Revenant and Prison Break) but turned it down because he didn't want to be committed to a franchise for a long time. Good for him for staying true to his art, but he missed the superhero train right as it left the station and took over the world. 

Josh Holloway

Where We've Seen Him

LOST. Also Colony, Intelligence, and Ghost Protocol.

Why We Love Him

He's super hot. And that accent. I'm not sure you need anything else.

Josh Hutcherson

Where We've Seen Him

The Hunger Games movies, The Kids Are All RightBridge to Terabithia.

Why We Love Him

This one is polarizing. The order is Book Peeta, Movie Gale, Movie Peeta, Book Gale. If you're even remotely Team Gale, Josh gets on your last nerve. I personally loved his Peeta, especially in Catching Fire. He's got a slew of movies in the works, so the jury's still out on breaking out of the Peeta mold.

Joshua Jackson

Where We've Seen Him

Dawson's Creek, Fringe, The Affair, and MIGHTY DUCKS.

Why We Love Him

He wanted to be an actor when he was 11, so his mom took him to an audition to discourage him. Yeah, he got the job, and the rest is history. Enter a string of movies and shows where it's hard to not have a huge crush on him, and you've got yourself a really popular Josh. 

Josh Lucas

Where We've Seen Him

Sweet Home Alabama, The Mysteries of Laura, American Psycho, A Beautiful Mind.

Why We Love Him

Jake Perry. That's all.

Josh Radnor

Where We've Seen Him

How I Met Your Mother mostly. Also Mercy Street and Liberal Arts.

Why We Love Him

Again, if you love HIMYM, you're likely to have this Josh as your favorite. He's a serious guy who isn't into pop culture, so if you like the cerebral, brooding artist, Radnor is the choice.

Voting is done, and it was insanely close. Your winner... Josh Lucas!

Who's Our Favorite Chris?

Welcome back to our ridiculous Friday voting fun. It's been a month since our last vote, and I'm embarrassed at how much I've missed it. Please say I'm not alone. In the spirit of fresh starts and getting back into the groove, we're celebrating with one of my favorite name choices so far. 

It's Chris week. Get hype, y'all. 

But before we vote, our last vote was for our favorite David, and there were a million of them to choose from. The votes were almost even down the line for every single one... except for our winner who blew everyone out of the water to my great surprise and greater joy.

Our favorite David is...

David Tennant!

I'm wondering if it's because of Doctor Who or Broadchurch since I'm pretty sure none of you only know him from Jessica Jones and love him so fiercely (great villain but totally a villain). Regardless of your reasons, he's a great choice, so well done, everybody. He'll compete against all of the other winners in a million years when we run out of names which I hope never happens.

Now let's vote for our favorite Chris! This is going to be IMPOSSIBLE OHMYGOSH WHAT IS HAPPENING. A ridiculous embarrassment of riches coming your way.


Chris Evans

Where We've Seen Him

All the Avengers, all the Captain AmericasSnowpiercer, and in The Nanny Diaries as the "Harvard hottie."

Why We Love Him

His portrayal of Captain America is our main gateway, and he does a great job. I saw The Avengers before I saw any of the Captain America movies, and frankly I thought he was a throwaway. But when you're sharing the screen with Robert Downey, Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Hiddleston, you're likely to hit the shadows. But my appreciation of him didn't happen as Captain America; it happened with Snowpiercer. That movie is weeeeeird, but he is excellent in it and P.S. super hot. I saw his range in that film which made me view him differently in subsequent Marvel movies. Now I'm a huge fan. He's a walking Ken doll, but I don't think most of us are complaining.

Chris Hemsworth

Where We've Seen Him

All the Avengers, all the ThorsGhostbustersThe Huntsman movies, Rush, and Star Trek.

Why We Love Him

Brace yourselves; I adore this man and won't do a very good job of hiding it. After reading countless interviews, watching a million videos, and following him on Instagram (all super accurate things obviously), he seems to be one of the best guys around. He's hot as hay-yulllll, the sweetest dad, a seemingly devoted husband, really talented, a family man, funny, athletic, and he's best friends with Matt Damon. WHAT IS HAPPENING. Oh, and he's Australian. And Liam Hemsworth is his brother. And his uncle was the real life inspiration for Crocodile Dundee. Real talk. The women of Ghostbusters have the best, funniest, and truest things to say about him. One of my favorite interview moments ever.

Chris Martin

Where We've Seen Him

On the stage with Coldplayon Gwyneth's arm for awhile until the conscious uncoupling, and then on Jennifer Lawrence's arm as a surprising rebound.

Why We Love Him

I haven't been including musicians unless they have major ties to Hollywood, i.e. John Mayer, John Legend, etc., but Chris Martin is the biggest no-brainer that I almost left out. Coldplay is crazy successful and has been for almost two decades, but Chris hasn't gone all Kanye and driven us crazy with his narcissism. After watching him on The Graham Norton Show, I liked him even more. He's thoughtful and present, funny and interesting, and his arms in those little t-shirts are magical. He seems like a solid guy and a worthy Chris.

Chris Messina

Where We've Seen Him

The Mindy Project, Julie & Julia, Argo, The Giant Mechanical Man, The Newsroom, Damages, Away We Go, and the tiniest cameo in You've Got Mail. (He's the guy in Fox Books who doesn't know what The Shoe Books are.) OH and he was in a campaign for Banana Republic that made me want to die. And that GQ video? STOP IT.

Why We Love Him

Y'all, he's so hot. I can't deal. And the usual - he's really talented and passionate about his work blah blah blah. Rides motorcycles and drinks beer and doesn't understand Twitter. Oh and he dances. Sometimes I confuse him with Danny Castellano who is my everything, and he's very different. But they're both pretty fantastic. Seriously, go watch that GQ video. Gracious.

Chris O'Donnell

Where We've Seen Him

NCIS, a short arc on Grey's Anatomy, and in a personal emotional favorite The Three Musketeers.

Why We Love Him

Frankly, he's barely holding his own here amongst these powerhouses, but he can't be ignored. He's adorable and found a lovely home for himself on CBS after floundering forever trying to become a heartthrob. When you come up in Hollywood at the same time as our favorite Matthew and Matt, you're in trouble. But I adored him in The Three Musketeers despite the absence of any French accent and that weird perm. I will always have a soft spot for Chris O'Donnell, and maybe you do, too.

Chris Pine

Where We've Seen Him

The Star Trek franchise, the recently lauded Hell or High Water, The Princess Diaries 2, and was FABULOUS as Cinderella's Prince in Into the Woods

Why We Love Him

That tear. That single, solitary tear that fell down his perfectly chiseled face after he heard John Legend and Common slay at the Academy Awards singing about freedom. That alone is enough to get him a few votes. But, y'all? Chris Pine is THE MAN. I listened to an interview with him on one of my favorite podcasts (Off Camera with Sam Jones), and I became a massive Pine Nut after that (real term, guys). He's brilliant, such a thinker, and has a really captivating way of speaking. And he's hot and funny and whatever. 

Christopher Plummer

Where We've Seen Him

The Sound of Music, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Beginners, The Last Station, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, A Beautiful Mind, Twelve Monkeys, and literally 200 other things over his almost 65-year career. 

Why We Love Him

He's best known for being Captain Von Trapp, and for him to hold our attention in such an iconic role for over 50 years is remarkable. So we're remarking on it. It's sad that he spoke so negatively about the film for awhile, but it's because we haven't let him move on. Guys, it's our fault! In the 50 years since, he's won a couple of Tonys, performed in London stages to critical acclaim, and has created quite a resume without much help from Hollywood. Still, when he finally won his Academy Award a few years ago for Beginners, he looked as relieved as I do when my kids go to bed on a Monday night. P.S. His great-grandfather was the Prime Minister of Canada. Geez. P.P.S. His daughter? Played Wiress in Catching Fire. Whaaaaat??? P.P.P.S. He was asked to play Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings but turned it down... and later said he regretted that. Umm, YEAH.

Chris Pratt

Where We've Seen Him

Parks and Recreation, Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy, Passengers, The Magnificent Seven, The Lego Movie, Her, Zero Dark Thirty, Moneyball, The O.C., and Everwood. His ratio of flops to successes is impressive.

Why We Love Him

He's Chris Pratt. Do we really need to talk about this? OKAY LET'S TALK ABOUT IT. He's basically the biggest thing in Hollywood right now. He's actually really good at acting... go figure. He's hot, even as dopey Andy Dwyer. He's so likable it's almost annoying. He loves his wife, is the most precious dad, and he's the only guy Jennifer Lawrence had to kiss on screen that she used breath mints for. Because he matters. Every person I've ever heard talk about him say he's one of the best guys they've ever worked with. I mean, he braided some girl's hair during a press junket, and we all died. Here he is talking about his son. Be still my heart I can't handle this man.


Actually we already did this, and it was super fun. Chris Pratt was the clear winner though. A worthy fight.

Permission to Lose Your Mind

Winter vacation is the late-night cup of coffee. You get all strung out on caffeinated happiness and then crash into a sea of confusion and regret. 

Why are there so many people in my house, and why don't I like them anymore???

Fellow domestic soldiers, it is possible to fiercely love someone and simultaneously know you'll destroy them if they ask you for a snack one more freaking time.

We spend blissful days baking a million cookies and opening a million presents, living in pajamas and four-day hair, and then like the flip of an angry light switch, we swear off sugar, stuff, and sometimes our offspring. 

The pendulum swing is too great, and we start to feel crazy. And the yelling. Oh, the yelling.

December 25th: "Merry Christmas, buddy! Here's a package of a dozen Star Wars ships!"

Pendulum swing. Run for cover. 

Which is why I love when winter break is over. Everything gets back to normal! That starts for my family today. Both my boys are back in school and my husband back at work, leaving me and Baby Annie to piddle and slow down in between drop-offs and pick-ups. I'm relieved because Routine, but, y'all, I'm also scared. What if things don't calm down like I expect them to? What if I stay crazy and keep yelling?

Because I never yell on a regular day.

But here's the thing. Routine doesn't make me a calmer mom; choice does. Also sleep. Maybe chocolate. Definitely Jesus. Fresh calendars and organized underwear drawers are lovely, but they aren't a solution. 

So give yourself permission to lose your mind, but check yourself on why. If you feel crazy because your precious structure is coming apart, maybe you're depending on that structure more than you should. 

Slash MORE THAN I SHOULD THIS IS THE HARDEST THING FOR ME OHMYGOSH. Which is why I'm sharing these words with you now. I'm basically talking to myself on the Internet. Totally normal. 

So here's to fresh starts, the same olds, and patience in both kinds of moments. 

We're gonna be okay. Happy New Year.