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Smoothie Booster Cubes

Smoothie Booster Cubes


That sounds like the name of a roller derby team I'd want to play for, even though the closest I get to a contact sport is accidentally bumping shopping carts with another mom at Target. But I still drink smoothies like a real athlete, and I bet you do, too!

Here's the thing about smoothies: we all know what we like, but what we need sometimes takes forever. By the time you pull out the vegetables and seeds and magical powders, the only progress is that your kitchen now looks like a crunchy food co-op, and you're no closer to your smoothie. Call me lazy (I do), but pulling out a million things gets on my nerves. 

Enter smoothie booster cubes. Take those speciality healthy ingredients, blend them together, and freeze them in trays to get immediate cubes of smoothie power. 


  • You only have to pull out standard smoothie ingredients like milk and yogurt.
  • They're like magic ice cubes that add health and texture.
  • All of that spinach and kale you bought but will never eat now has a home.
  • You get healthier smoothies that don't really taste like it.


  • They're ugly, but who cares?

So try this lazy genius tip for your smoothie making, and see how surprisingly freeing it is to drop a health bomb without losing your mind. 

My smoothie booster cube: fresh raw spinach, store-bought green juice, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and ground flaxseed. Avoid blending things like bananas or dairy in your cubes; the color and flavor get wonky.

My favorite smoothie combo: 5-7 large frozen strawberries, two smoothie cubes, a dollop or two of yogurt, whole milk (because I'm pregnant, and I deserve it), a banana, and a swirl of agave nectar. It's practically a daily occurrence for the entire family, so a stamp of approval across the board. 

What's your favorite smoothie combo?

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