Still Curious?
Here's Why You Need To Be a Lazy Genius

You're a collector of life hacks, a curator of shoulds. If you do what you're supposed to do, you're doing life right. 


But when each day ends and you sift through your catalog of parenting mistakes, kitchen fails, and your general dislike of All the People, you feel like a jerk and a failure. The problem? You're trying to be a genius about things that don't matter

It's time to stop life-hacking your way to checklist life and instead become a Lazy Genius. 

If you're nodding along with me and thinking, "Yes! This is me!" then I highly suggest you join our family of normal people who've stopped trying so hard to do everything Martha and our mothers-in-law think we should.

When you join The Lazy Genius Collective, here's what you get:

  • The Genius Journal: a Sunday afternoon email to make your Mondays less daunting, complete with a recap of the week before in case you missed anything plus the occasional picture of Jude Law
  • The Lazy Links: a monthly email full of favorite books and movies, podcast episodes you don't have to search for, can't-miss Etsy finds... all kinds of great stuff I found over the month that you can lazily enjoy without searching for them yourself

Living an authentic life free of "shoulds" is easier than you think. Lazy even. And that's what makes it genius.

Joining is as easy as entering your email address below! I really am so glad you're here!